Are plain bearings with thick walls advantageous in heavy-duty applications?

Yvan Cao | March 1, 2022

Metallic plain bearings with relatively thick walls (conforming to DIN 1850, for instance) are used in many heavy-duty applications in agricultural engineering and construction machinery…


sustainable automotive

Sustainable vehicle design with iglidur® plain bearings

Ethen Liang | January 19, 2022

Current trends such as zero-emission vehicles or CO2-neutral production demonstrate the growing importance of sustainability in the automotive industry….



Ball bearing alternative made of polymer: igus® convinces

Daniel Chen | September 17, 2021

Many plant operators know the problem: when installing metal ball bearings, lubrication is essential. This procedure has to be repeated at regular maintenance intervals and that not only swallows up money, but also a lot of time. As a ball bearing alternative, xiros is particularly suitable…


print2mold – get to your injection moulding product faster thanks to 3D printing

Quill Wang | September 17, 2021

Injection moulding tools are usually milled or spark-eroded, require quite some manufacturing time and are therefore expensive. Here, 3D printing opens up new possibilities.


Latest news

“We look forward to the next complaint”

Jen Chen | September 1, 2022

When I first heard this statement over 15 years ago, I thought, “We can’t be serious.” A complaint is a bad thing, it costs money, damages reputation, causes discord and involves a lot of work. Today, I stand rock solid behind that very statement. But why?


What is a corkscrew in a cable and how can it be avoided?

Jen Chen | August 31, 2022

Those who deal with cables or use cables in their applications are often familiar with the so-called corkscrew. Today we would like to explain what a corkscrew is, how it develops and of course how it can be avoided.


What is a BUS?

Jen Chen | August 31, 2022

When people think of the term “bus”, most of them immediately think of a school bus or public transport bus. But in our case this has nothing to do with the vehicle. BUS is an abbreviation that stands for “Binary Unit System”.


Works on more than 1,000 metres: igus develops the world’s first driven e-chain system for long travels

Jen Chen | August 9, 2022

drive-chain impresses with maximum dynamics and long service life, while saving up to six tons of weight Almost no limits on long travels, high dynamics, long running times – these are the characteristics that distinguish the innovative igus drive-chain. The world’s first energy chain with its own drive ensures significantly longer running times on extremely long […]


Are plain bearings with thick walls advantageous in heavy-duty applications?

Yvan Cao | March 1, 2022

Metallic plain bearings with relatively thick walls (conforming to DIN 1850, for instance) are used in many heavy-duty applications in agricultural engineering and construction machinery…


sustainable automotive

Sustainable vehicle design with iglidur® plain bearings

Ethen Liang | January 19, 2022

Current trends such as zero-emission vehicles or CO2-neutral production demonstrate the growing importance of sustainability in the automotive industry….


ticket machine

Why your ticket machine ball bearings should be from igus®

Daniel Chen | September 24, 2021

Ball bearings in ticket machines where requirements for installed components are stringent. igus polymer ball bearings are expanding their advantage over metal ball bearings in this segment. They are not only maintenance-free and lubrication-free – they also ensure that the application environment is free of contamination. Searching for contamination…



Ball bearing alternative made of polymer: igus® convinces

Daniel Chen | September 17, 2021

Many plant operators know the problem: when installing metal ball bearings, lubrication is essential. This procedure has to be repeated at regular maintenance intervals and that not only swallows up money, but also a lot of time. As a ball bearing alternative, xiros is particularly suitable…


print2mold – get to your injection moulding product faster thanks to 3D printing

Quill Wang | September 17, 2021

Injection moulding tools are usually milled or spark-eroded, require quite some manufacturing time and are therefore expensive. Here, 3D printing opens up new possibilities.



Polymer coating – the way to protect parts from wear and tear

John Ji | September 15, 2021

Surface coatings have long since established themselves in all areas of everyday life. From frying pans to bicycle frames, the range of different coating materials and their properties is huge. A more recent phenomenon is the so-called tribological polymer coating. These are plastic-based coatings that have been additionally improved tribologically – i.e. for use as a friction-optimised surface. Thus, metallic surfaces not only protect against corrosion or scratching, but also against abrasion by other friction partners. The main advantage…



Why are polymer ball bearings so interesting for vehicle interiors?

Ethen Liang | August 19, 2021

Developing the interiors of cars is a big challenge for designers and engineers. Within just a few seconds, it creates a first gut feeling. Even before we sit down on the car seat, we reach for the steering wheel. Immediately afterwards, we examine the arm rest and feel the buttons for adjusting the windows…



When should I change my ball bearing?

Daniel Chen | August 13, 2021

Change the ball bearing? This should be done, when …

the bearing clearance caused by wear has reached an unacceptable level, for example, when the shaft “sags”.
the cage is worn and in danger of falling out.



Comparison of sintered bushings: advantages and disadvantages

John Ji | July 16, 2021

Sintered bushings or plain bearings made of sintered bronze are used in many bearing applications. They are comparatively cheap to procure, available in many dimensions and are sold as “self-lubricating” or “maintenance-free”…


Polymer ball bearings in cleaning systems for photovoltaic installations

Daniel Chen | July 1, 2021

The weather is getting nicer and the sun is shining longer and more intensively. It is not only us humans who replenish energy, photovoltaic systems literally do so. These are exposed to enormous weathering effects all year round, and the surfaces reflect this especially when the sun shines…



Ball bearings according to specifications – an infinite number of possibilities thanks to igus®

Daniel Chen | June 24, 2021

Ball bearings cover a wide range of different shapes. Whether deep groove ball bearings, ball bearings with flange, for example, or self-aligning ball bearings: standard catalogues list these in various materials, designs and dimensions. But what about customised solutions? Customised ball bearings are no stranger to igus…


What happens when a linear bearing has reached the end of its service life?

Kevin Huang | June 10, 2021

Most linear bearings, whether with metallic balls, rolling elements, coating or bonded elements, cannot be reused because of their design. For the user this usually means ordering new linear housings. This results in costs for re-procurement and delivery times. Proper disposal is also an additional challenge. Many bearings must be disposed of in hazardous waste due to the lubricants used.Not so with igus…


How do the balls get into the ball bearing?

Daniel Chen | April 1, 2021

Ball bearings consist of an inner and outer ring, a cage and rolling elements. The cage is used to separate the rolling elements from each other in the form of balls. If the balls were not separated, they would run against each other and overheat. With high rotational speeds and friction of the balls, destructive effects are the result. But how do the balls get into the ball bearing now?



Production of a lead screw

Kevin Huang | March 26, 2021

How does the production of lead screws actually work? What are the processes available and what is the difference between the thread rolling and thread whirling manufacturing processes?
To find out, we should first compare the two manufacturing methods of thread rolling and thread whirling…


Low-cost plate handling laboratory

Scott Xiong | March 23, 2021

Why use automation in the laboratory?Many small laboratories want to optimise their processes and increase their throughput rates but recoil at the frequently high costs and time-consuming integration work, when only simple combinations of devices or magazines are required…


Plain bearing prototypes for new developments or tests

Ahren Xia | March 18, 2021

iglidur polymer bar stock allows such components to be manufactured easily … with no minimum order quantity. It is available as plates, round bars, or hollow rods made of various high-performance iglidur polymers & in a wide range of sizes and dimensions.



With which shafts do polymer plain bearings work best?

Ahren Xia | March 5, 2021

Many different shaft materials are used in the packaging, food and beverage industries. If a cost-effective solution is required, steel shafts are of interest. If light weight is important, aluminium shafts are used. If the application takes place in a humid environment or aggressive cleaning with chemicals, the corrosion resistance of the shaft is important. Stainless steel is a good choice here…



Where metal ball bearings reach their limits: an opportunity for the polymer version?

Daniel Chen | March 4, 2021

Metal ball bearings have become indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. However, there are sectors where conventional metal ball bearings reach their limits, such as the food industry and medical technology. There the factor of hygiene plays a major role, whereby lubricants become a no-go. This is where plastic ball bearings come into the limelight, which the Cologne-based motion plastics specialist igus manufactures with the aid of its high-performance polymers. They are absolutely lubrication-free and pose no hygiene risk…



What materials are used to make ball bearing balls?

Daniel Chen | February 26, 2021

The material for rolling bearing ball bearing balls varies widely and is always primarily oriented on the ring materials. This ensures that the interplay of cage, inner ring, and outer ring in the system is harmonised. This is especially important when the application involves heating or cooling the bearings. It is important that ball bearing running properties are always good. The most common ball materials are listed below with relation to the ring material…


Pipetting technology for laboratory equipment (white paper)

Scott Xiong | February 24, 2021

What solution is technically best at the PoC or in an automated laboratory?
Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, so we will tackle it by contrasting various concepts that take into account a wide variety of applications involving automated pipetting devices…



Self-locking – what is it?

Kevin Huang | February 8, 2021

If you go into the problem of threads, you often encounter the word “self-locking”. But what does “self-locking” mean exactly in conjunction with lead screw technology? And what are the differences between high helix threads and trapezoidal threads? We have explained it briefly and simply…



Lubrication-free synchronisation with plain bearing technology

Ahren Xia | February 4, 2021

There are many different possibilities to synchronise several adjustments in one system. But which is the right one for me and my application? Often not easy to answer. But what if it should be simple and uncomplicated?



How the weight of dancer rollers can be reduced at film deflection points

Ahren Xia | February 3, 2021

Weight is constantly what people are worried about. How can I eliminate unnecessary weight and reduce the drive forces I need? Or, simply, how can I reduce my system’s weight?



FDA-compliant linear technology for medical products comes from Cologne

Kevin Huang | January 29, 2021

When the corona pandemic (COVID-19) broke out, many companies volunteered to manufacture medical products such as masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields. In addition to the FDA-compliant materials used for the actual masks, gowns, ventilators and face shields, the tools and machinery used to manufacture these products must also meet FDA compliance standards…



Can products in entry lanes be protected from damage?

Ahren Xia | January 28, 2021

The concern is often optimisation of component or system service life. In the packaging and beverage industries, machines operate at especially high frequencies, and component service life plays an important role. But it can be just as important to extend the product service life or life cycle. ..



Spherical bearings for weigher flaps

Ahren Xia | January 25, 2021

igubal spherical bearings are self-aligning bearing elements manufactured completely from polymer and are therefore very lightweight. They are perfect for use in weighing systems…



xiros guide rollers with FDA conformity: 60% weight saving compared to metallic solutions

Daniel Chen | January 14, 2021

This solution for transport and guide rollers is now available in a lighter, FDA-compliant version. The xiros guide rollers for labelling, packaging and food applications consist of a blue PVC tube and two fixed flange ball bearings made of the in-house material xirodur B180 and stainless steel balls…



Time for a dive into cool waters – xiros® in pools cleaner ensures the necessary cleanliness in the pool

Daniel Chen | December 30, 2020

The holiday is shifting into your own four walls. If the temperatures exceed the limit of 30°C, the only thing that helps is to jump into the cool water. Butpool lovers know the problems with a pool in the garden. The autumn and winter months do not go by without leaving their mark. Dirt, leaves and moss accumulate and cleaning turns out to be an arduous task. I need a pool cleaner…



Linear guides for limited installation space

Ahren Xia | December 29, 2020

igus has many different linear guides in its product range. For example, drylin W offers a large modular system. drylin N is the first choice for extremely low-profile installation heights. drylin T is identical in construction to the usual recirculating ball bearing guides. A representative of the shaft guides is drylin R. Since some machine […]


igus® 2019 as an exhibitor at the Rapid.Tech + FabCon in Erfurt

Quill Wang | December 24, 2020

This year, too, we will be there to present our latest 3D printing innovations and products at the Erfurt trade fair. All topics related to Additive Manufacturing will be exhibited…



Severe contamination by salt or sugar … what must be observed?

Ahren Xia | December 23, 2020

Wherever food or beverages are processed, filled or packed, contamination can occur. If it is salt or sugar, it is important to take a close look at the abrasive (rubbing/grinding) wear. In this way it can be determined what influence this has on the plain bearing or linear guide…



Ready-to-install system solutions for format adjustments

Ahren Xia | December 22, 2020

To maximise flexibility, machines and equipment in the packaging, food and beverage industries must be capable of implementing precise format adjustments. This equipment might be filling or labelling machines for bottles or cans, but can also be entry lanes in material handling…


Moulding of iglidur® plain bearings

Ethen Liang | December 22, 2020

Innovative developments in the automotive industry require intelligent production methods, especially in the case of component integration. One injection moulding method that has now become established is the so-called hybrid or 2C (two-component) technique…



Hose pumps rollers iglidur A180 vs. POM-C

Scott Xiong | December 17, 2020

Hose and peristaltic pumps are widely used in medical and laboratory equipment. Liquid substances of various kinds, e.g. reagents or even blood in the dialysis machine, are transported with them…



Harnessing the secrets of nature: the E4Q energy chain from igus wins the German Design Award

Jen Chen | December 15, 2020

The latest energy chain generation design saves weight, increases strength and reduces assembly time by 40 per cent



Suitable for the desert! igubal pillow block bearings without lubrication align solar panels

Jen Chen | December 15, 2020

Extended igus solar pillow block bearing series for square profiles, impresses in laboratory tests with a service life of over 72 years


Maintenance-free 3D-printed grippers make packaging machines effective

Ahren Xia | December 11, 2020

When an eagle grasps prey, it adapts its grip to the respective size in a lightning fast move. The packaging industry can only dream of this flexibility. Their metal grippers, which for example put the lid on cream jars, are usually limited to a single format…


Where are ball bearings used? And what kinds of ball bearings are there?

Daniel Chen | December 10, 2020

Ball bearings have become indispensable in mechanical engineering. There are various ball bearing designs for which mass and technical composition of the components depend on the specifications of the industrial application. The following list shows the most frequently used ball bearings and where they are used…



Are there detectable plastics with food approval for moving applications?

Ahren Xia | December 7, 2020

We have often dealt with this problem. Simple plain bearings are used in most applications. As these are usually seated with a positive fit and fixed in a housing hole, it is almost impossible for them to fall out or break…



When do I use a particular ball bearing? – Metal, plastic, ceramic

Daniel Chen | December 3, 2020

When do I use a particular ball bearing? – Metal, plastic, ceramic.Choosing the right material for ball bearings is not always easy. A short summary, when I use a particular ball bearing…



Chemical resistance to Ecolab cleaners

Ahren Xia | December 1, 2020

The safety of food and drink is crucial to the well-being and health of people around the world. The cleaning and disinfection of food and beverage machines is therefore extremely important…


Hygienic dispensing machines

Ahren Xia | November 20, 2020

Vending machines are becoming increasingly popular not only among farmers. It’s been a long time since they only served packaged drinks and snacks. Whoever loves to get hot pizza, fried chips or even milk from the farmer, he or she can get it from a vending machine around the corner.All this around the clock without employees..



How a 3D printer template became 240,000 face shields

Quill Wang | November 20, 2020

Especially in times of crisis, creative and above all fast solutions are essential. And when it comes to speed and creativity, the 3D printing community is quick to respond. This was also the case this time when Prusa Research…



The First Customer-oriented Online Seminar on Seating Application Was Successfully Held

Lynna Liu (刘银) | November 13, 2020

14 client companies, 46 representatives.In addition to that we have also our own colleagues.As the first online customer-oriented conference, the online seminar size actually exceeded our expectations.


no lubrication

Maintenance of plain bearings … Is maintenance-free the same as dry operation?

Yvan Cao | November 11, 2020

Maintenance is a central point when operating machines. On the one hand, this ensures operational safety. On the other hand, maintenance is associated with expenditure. This expenditure is divided up as follows: The machine is at a standstill during maintenance. Depending on the machine, this is expensive. A construction machine cannot be rented. And problematic depending […]


How igus products increase the service life of your extrusion line and avoid production downtime

John Ji | November 10, 2020

During extrusion polymers are continuously melted and extracted through the extrusion die and brought into shape. In this way, bar stock such as filaments, profiles, plates or films emerge; the so-called extrudate…


The right shaft for tough outdoor use – if the plain bearing is outdoors.

Yvan Cao | October 28, 2020

Everyone knows that the agricultural and construction machinery sector require lots of care. Dirt, moisture, corrosion, the complete package. Whether a combine harvester, tractor, concrete mixer, plough or mobile crane – here everything is in the same boat. Metallic plain bearings are always lubricated – at least they should be if they are to function. […]



When plastic becomes oil again: igus invests in chemical recycling pioneer

Jen Chen | October 23, 2020

Cat-HTR technology developed by a German scientist regains resources from plastic waste in 20 minutes



Material innovation for the music industry – piano parts made of iglidur plastic

Quill Wang | October 23, 2020

Components or spare parts for musical instruments from 3D printing. We have received more and more requests in this exciting area and we are happy to find suitable solutions for the extraordinary requirements. By using low-wear and durable plastic components from the 3D printer we can meet the most individual requirements. Like with a grand piano made by Phoenix Pianos, for example…


application variety

What is the best plain bearing for agricultural machinery?

Yvan Cao | October 21, 2020

There must be an answer to this question. After all, there are a limited number of “best Italian restaurants”, “best frozen pizzas” and “best TV series”. And we haven’t even got to narrowing it down. The best Italian restaurant in Bonn? Or in the whole world? The question of the best plain bearing for farm […]


How large is the largest igus plain bearing? … And if that’s not enough?

Yvan Cao | October 14, 2020

Large bearing diameters tailor-made at an off-the-shelf price! The largest selection of different dimensions is offered by “the generalist” iglidur G. The smallest bearing has an inner diameter of 3mm (smaller inner diameters are available for other iglidur materials). The largest inner diameter of an igus catalogue part is 195mm. Part No.: GFM-195205240-65 (Outer diameter 205mm, flange […]


Plastic bearing in diff-lock electronic actuator

Lynna Liu (刘银) | October 9, 2020

Almost all cars are now equipped with differentials. What is its function?The differential of a car is the system that regulates how fast the tires rotate individually and helps you turn left and right. So differentials solve the cornering problem, but they come with a huge disadvantage for off-road driving. Supose that a right wheel […]



igus polymer compounds in the EN45545 evaluation process

John Ji | September 30, 2020

In order for an assembly or component to be allowed for use in a modern rail vehicle in Europe, the components must be tested and evaluated according to EN45545. This is a very time-consuming, bureaucratic process. The exposed surface, the weight of the component, and many other points must be considered for selection. So where […]


e-skin flat

Modular, flat and quickly assembled: e-skin flat single pods for cleanrooms

Jen Chen | September 28, 2020

igus extends ISO Class 1 energy chain series with single chamber solution and e-skin flat with support chain for more unsupported lengths


Tom Cruise Exoskeleton

Exoskeleton – Bionics pure

Scott Xiong | September 28, 2020

Widespread in the animal kingdom, for people an option. The skeleton on the outside of arthropods provides stability in the same way as the endoskeletons of mammals. Why not combine the advantages of the two systems with each other? An endoskeleton (inside the body) is strong but, having numerous joints, is nevertheless very flexible. It […]



Lead screw technology in the DIY beer lift

Kevin Huang | September 25, 2020

Beer lift light built with maintenance-free lead screw technology. High temperatures in summer, the need for a cool drink but no desire to constantly run to the fridge? The self-built beer lift provides a solution. Up to 21 beverage bottles can be cooled in the stylish beer lift. Completely without electricity and as a highlight […]



Power-step Hinge uses iglidur H2/P210

Lynna Liu (刘银) | September 25, 2020

When refering to modified vehicles, we are now easily thinking about a foldable steps of SUV,especially those with high chassis. In order to help passengers to easily get on and off, installing a set of steps is almost a must. There are 2 types of step for your option:fixed or foldable. Nowadays more and more […]


robolink for university

Customer Application FH Bielefeld (GER)

Kevin Huang | September 24, 2020

A group of bachelor graduates developped an automated 3D game with robolink® (4 axis RL-D-RBT-3322-BC-AE in this case). They used Beckhoff control electronics for the complete unit. For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Freund: Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!



50 per cent longer unsupported length:igus expands its series of YE hybrid chains

Jen Chen | September 22, 2020

Quickly installed and 50 per cent lighter, energy supply series made of steel and polymer in new large sizes



The right plain bearings for air diffusers & sleepless nights in Shanghai

John Ji | September 18, 2020

… Are you familiar with these air diffusers that bring cool airflow into rooms when outside temperatures are too high? Did you know that they sometimes move in order to distribute and regulate said airflow? In the case of simple air diffusers for air conditioning units, the risk to mankind is limited. But…



Why lubrication-free is a better option for your ball bearing

Daniel Chen | September 18, 2020

Grease or lubricating oil is essential for installing metal ball bearings. With xiros polymer ball bearings you can enjoy 100% lubrication-free ball bearings made of plastic. No grease No oil No residues on hands or machines!



Why auto customers trust in the DryLin linear guide products?

Lynna Liu (刘银) | September 10, 2020

Why auto customers trust in the DryLin linear guide products?With the advantages of free of lubrication, lighter than metal materials, quiet operation and fast delivery, we have attracted a lot of customers in the auto industry for many years, in this article you will find the answers of this question. What is DryLin? DryLin® is […]



Active Air Intake Grille

Lynna Liu (刘银) | August 31, 2020

The Xiros self-lubricating plastic ball bearing is adopted for the shutter mechanism of the active air intake grille, which could perfectly meet the requirements of the customers: it features minimum friction coefficient, dirt resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature and light weight. For vertical shutter, we also provide iglidur J sliding bearing for […]



What is iglidur? And what does it do better than POM?

John Ji | August 26, 2020

Just recently I stumbled on this blog post, which promised to finally put an end to the mystery that seems to be iglidur®. What is iglidur? And why are customers willing to spend no less than a fortune on bearings made from this material? To make this clear right away: I have no intention to […]


vector 2020

Automatic lathe with six spindles wins gold vector award

Jen Chen | August 17, 2020

Gildemeister Italiana S.p.A. wins first prize for a unique energy chain system


Advantages of polymer bearings in the bicycle

John Ji | August 10, 2020

In the bicycle industry, innovative solutions are not only focused on design, but also on the choice of materials. For example, for the frame there are many solutions made of aluminium or glass fibre reinforced material. Component manufacturers are also working flat out on the use of alternative materials. Be it saddle post, suspension, pedals […]


Angular compensation

Angular compensation in rail vehicle construction

Kevin Huang | August 10, 2020

Whether in a welded construction of a road/rail vehicle, or in the interior of a double-decker train; you have to work with tolerances everywhere and be able to compensate for them. Especially when linear, pivoting or rotary movements should continue to function without problems. There are often linear guides used in railway construction vehicles or […]


Application Trend of Motion Plastics in Seat Systems

Lynna Liu (刘银) | August 7, 2020

On June 27, 2020, Shanghai officially announced the launch of Didi’s self-driving service online, which signify that driverless technology and applications have basically matured. Without a driver, or the driver adjusts to automatic driving mode, the internal space of a car can be transformed into entertainment room,or games, rest , meeting room. Passengers can adjust […]


Advancing research: igus is a new member of the Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V.

Jen Chen | August 7, 2020

Tested chainflex Profinet cables ensure reliable data transfer in moving applications


iglidur I8-ESD

New igus SLS material for electrostatically conductive wear-resistant parts from the 3D printer

Jen Chen | July 14, 2020

Lubrication-free tribo-polymer iglidur I8-ESD enables the cost-effective manufacture of durable special parts with no minimum order quantity



New material iglidur® K250 in automotive applications

Lynna Liu (刘银) | July 1, 2020

Thanks to our modern injection molding production process, the desired iglidur® plain bearing can be manufactured in almost any geometry, for example as a flexible iglidur® clip bearing or flanging sleeve especially for quick assembly in sheet metal solutions. This design is used in hinges and seats in automobiles, and igus is constantly optimizing and […]


Ready for direct connection: igus hybrid cable for new motor generation

Jen Chen | June 30, 2020

The new cost-effective hybrid cable suitable for Bosch Rexroth motors ensures a reliable supply of energy and data during motion. (Source: igus GmbH)


damage thermostat

automotive electronic thermostat bearing ——iglidur® H1

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 28, 2020

The automotive thermostat is a valve that controls the flow of engine coolant, whose temperature can neither be too high nor too low. The thermostat can automatically adjust the amount of water entering the radiator according to the temperature of the coolant to keep it at the optimal working temperature, which is important for the […]



How do iglidur plain bearings reduce noise in automobiles (Buzz, Squeak and Rattle)?

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 23, 2020

In this fast changing time, some technologies may be popularized soon after they are launched. For example, the heat insulation technology is only available for high-end cars a few years ago, but now it was used by almost all cars. When designing storage spaces, quality demand from design and manufacturing engineers increasingly grow. As a […]



Tribo-tape for guide groove of hight-adjustable bed

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 17, 2020

In Heze, Shandong Province, a group of young people who keep dreaming and working hard founded a RV modification company called “Zhongrui Gongshe”. They are eager to learn about emerging technologies and products and after learning about our self-lubricating products, they immediately started to use our products. Recently, iglidur A160 wear-resistant belt is successfully applied […]



dryspin® online screw configurator makes it easy for everyone to become a designer

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 11, 2020

Using drylin® Dryspin online screw configurator, you can quickly complete the design of screw processing without CAD software, and you can directly complete online ordering. Now anyone can design a customized high-performance screw that meets their application needs in the world’s largest online screw store. The process of finding the screw often consumes a lot […]


cover gearbox application

Beside controll lever, can we talk about any other applications with FAW truck transimision egineers?

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 10, 2020

During the past 20 years, FAW Jiefang and igus have maintained close communication and cooperation. In recent years, Jiefang has mastered the core technology of gearbox through independent R&D. Thanks to its energetic R&D team and open communication environment, we are fortunate to have our iglidur high-performance plastic bearings loaded in batches in its gearbox system. Iglidur’s products are present in many popular models, including the natural gas tractor, J6L, Dragon VH, J7 mentioned in the beginning of the article. Especially, in the gearbox control system, iglidur shows its unique advantages: noise-reducing, durable, self-lubricating and maintenance-free. So, besides the control part, any other applications to recommend?



36-month guarantee on igus energy chains

Jen Chen | June 10, 2020

With the online service life calculator, users can now determine the guaranteed operating time of their e-chain and obtain a certificate



5 times smart: igus launches its first catalogue range for intelligent plain bearings

Jen Chen | June 5, 2020

From forklifts to packaging machines: isense plain bearings provide information about their wear and warn in good time before the stoppage of plant or machinery. (Source: igus GmbH)


Robolink DP 咖啡师

For a unique shopping world: igus low-cost robot in the design of your choice

Kevin Huang | June 3, 2020

Custom design robolink robot arm ensures fast automation and a new shopping experience From industrial use, robots are increasingly finding their way into the retail trade. There they ensure rapid automation of processes and are also a real eye-catcher. Users place high demands on design and reliability at a cost-effective price. For this reason, igus […]


Ventilation valve

The advantages of iglidur in the application of air valve products

Yvan Cao | June 1, 2020

There are “invisible” pipelines in high-rise buildings—air conditioning ventilation system and fire safety system, which coordinate the temperature adjustment to ensure a good air environment in the building, or to reduce property losses in fire and ensure personal safety. Valves are a key component of the system. This article will introduce you to the application […]


Guaranteed to be particle-free, unique igus cleanroom laboratory for ISO Class 1 components

Jen Chen | May 29, 2020

New test laboratory built by the Fraunhofer IPA accelerates development of cost-effective and particle-free motion plastics


Energy and data transmission rolled out and connected in under 60 minutes

Jen Chen | May 29, 2020

Revolutionary autoglide 5 system from igus does not need a guide trough


igus 3D printed bearing for WING3D concept spoile

3D-printed luxury sport car spoiler

Lynna Liu (刘银) | May 29, 2020

Content share by Automotive industry manager Dirk Tiezt (source : igus GmbH) EDAG, together with igus, Krause DiMatec, INTES, WP Kemper, Hirschvogel Automotive Group, Paderborn University, DMRC Direct Manufacturing Research Center, Power-Packer and other teams, jointly designed and developed the WING3D concept spoiler All components are manufactured using 3D additive, including fenders, bionic aluminum brackets, […]


Joan Li introduce PRT-04

A lot of movement in little space with new compact igus slewing ring bearings

Lynna Liu (刘银) | May 25, 2020

Lubrication-free slewing ring bearings from the PRT-04 range save 60 percent weight and 50 percent space Fast rotary movements in a small space. These are often the special requirements for slewing ring bearings in automation or stage technology as well as in control panels. For such compact applications, igus has now developed a new slewing […]


Easily controlled automation with new dryve motor control systems for igus linear axes

Sebastian | May 22, 2020

igus motor control systems D3 and D1 dryve for simple or complex control of linear systems In addition to its drylin E linear axes with DC motors, igus has now developed a cost-effective and easy-to-use control system. The D3 dryve controls linear systems completely without software or PC. Furthermore, igus has also further improved its […]


high temperature resistance

Why can plastic plain bearings be used in the engine compartment?

Lynna Liu (刘银) | May 21, 2020

Plastic and high temperatures? Yes, even as a connection to actuators of turbochargers or in EGR valves, iglidur® high-temperature materials are represented millions of times as plain bearings or coupling rods. With permanent application temperatures of up to 250 ° C and briefly 300 ° C, plastic plain bearings are used in almost all engine […]