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Stainless steel linear modules in drive technology

Kevin Huang | March 10, 2022

eel and V2A/V4A stainless steel. X46/X90 is a hardened stainless steel material, while V2A/V4A is not hardened.


Durable cables for energy chains lastics Why does a plastics company manufacture cables?

Jen Chen | November 17, 2021

The explanation for how a plastics company like igus came to develop durable cables for energy chains is actually quite simple. When igus launched the first plastic energy chain in 1971, many customers were enthusiastic about the new energy supply concept and wanted to convert their systems.


ticket machine

Why your ticket machine ball bearings should be from igus®

Daniel Chen | September 24, 2021

Ball bearings in ticket machines where requirements for installed components are stringent. igus polymer ball bearings are expanding their advantage over metal ball bearings in this segment. They are not only maintenance-free and lubrication-free – they also ensure that the application environment is free of contamination. Searching for contamination…



Ball bearing alternative made of polymer: igus® convinces

Daniel Chen | September 17, 2021

Many plant operators know the problem: when installing metal ball bearings, lubrication is essential. This procedure has to be repeated at regular maintenance intervals and that not only swallows up money, but also a lot of time. As a ball bearing alternative, xiros is particularly suitable…


Polymer ball bearings in cleaning systems for photovoltaic installations

Daniel Chen | July 1, 2021

The weather is getting nicer and the sun is shining longer and more intensively. It is not only us humans who replenish energy, photovoltaic systems literally do so. These are exposed to enormous weathering effects all year round, and the surfaces reflect this especially when the sun shines…



Ball bearings according to specifications – an infinite number of possibilities thanks to igus®

Daniel Chen | June 24, 2021

Ball bearings cover a wide range of different shapes. Whether deep groove ball bearings, ball bearings with flange, for example, or self-aligning ball bearings: standard catalogues list these in various materials, designs and dimensions. But what about customised solutions? Customised ball bearings are no stranger to igus…



xiros guide rollers with FDA conformity: 60% weight saving compared to metallic solutions

Daniel Chen | January 14, 2021

This solution for transport and guide rollers is now available in a lighter, FDA-compliant version. The xiros guide rollers for labelling, packaging and food applications consist of a blue PVC tube and two fixed flange ball bearings made of the in-house material xirodur B180 and stainless steel balls…


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Maintenance of plain bearings … Is maintenance-free the same as dry operation?

Yvan Cao | November 11, 2020

Maintenance is a central point when operating machines. On the one hand, this ensures operational safety. On the other hand, maintenance is associated with expenditure. This expenditure is divided up as follows: The machine is at a standstill during maintenance. Depending on the machine, this is expensive. A construction machine cannot be rented. And problematic depending […]



Lead screw technology in the DIY beer lift

Kevin Huang | September 25, 2020

Beer lift light built with maintenance-free lead screw technology. High temperatures in summer, the need for a cool drink but no desire to constantly run to the fridge? The self-built beer lift provides a solution. Up to 21 beverage bottles can be cooled in the stylish beer lift. Completely without electricity and as a highlight […]



Why lubrication-free is a better option for your ball bearing

Daniel Chen | September 18, 2020

Grease or lubricating oil is essential for installing metal ball bearings. With xiros polymer ball bearings you can enjoy 100% lubrication-free ball bearings made of plastic. No grease No oil No residues on hands or machines!