Lead Screw technology


Self-locking – what is it?

Kevin Huang | February 8, 2021

If you go into the problem of threads, you often encounter the word “self-locking”. But what does “self-locking” mean exactly in conjunction with lead screw technology? And what are the differences between high helix threads and trapezoidal threads? We have explained it briefly and simply…



Lead screw technology in the DIY beer lift

Kevin Huang | September 25, 2020

Beer lift light built with maintenance-free lead screw technology. High temperatures in summer, the need for a cool drink but no desire to constantly run to the fridge? The self-built beer lift provides a solution. Up to 21 beverage bottles can be cooled in the stylish beer lift. Completely without electricity and as a highlight […]



GJRM——Heavy-duty thread

Kevin Huang | September 22, 2020

Can the heavy load be combined with threads? What are the advantages of threads in heavy-duty applications? When threads are used in heavy-duty applications, they must meet many requirements. One of the most important aspects for heavy loads is the stability of the threads under high axial and radial loads. But does this also work […]



Rise of Low-cost Industrial Automation

Kevin Huang | September 10, 2020

When I talk about low-cost automation, it reminds me of all projects I have participated in the past 13 years. For recent years, we have been focusing on providing linear bearing parts and some linear module products for OEMs. Our products are always found to be used to do some incredible things, but we have […]



Aerodynamic optimization of commercial vehicles

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 17, 2020

Figure 1. The spoiler system of the truck A well-designed spoiler system for commercial vehicles can not only increase driving safety, but also improve fuel economy and reduce freight costs. Air-guiding devices are usually installed on the top and sides of the cab of high-roof trucks or traction vehicles. If no spoiler is installed in […]



dryspin® online screw configurator makes it easy for everyone to become a designer

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 11, 2020

Using drylin® Dryspin online screw configurator, you can quickly complete the design of screw processing without CAD software, and you can directly complete online ordering. Now anyone can design a customized high-performance screw that meets their application needs in the world’s largest online screw store. The process of finding the screw often consumes a lot […]