Aerodynamic optimization of commercial vehicles

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 17, 2020

Figure 1. The spoiler system of the truck

Figure 1. The spoiler system of the truck

A well-designed spoiler system for commercial vehicles can not only increase driving safety, but also improve fuel economy and reduce freight costs.

Air-guiding devices are usually installed on the top and sides of the cab of high-roof trucks or traction vehicles. If no spoiler is installed in the cab, a large vortex will be generated while driving, and the air resistance will increase. After the installment of the spoiler, the air is directed to the top and sides of the cab, and the vortex is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the air resistance, improving the power and fuel economy, and reducing the pollution and noise of the car. There are many hinges in the spoiler link mechanism, where iglidur M250 self-lubricating plastic bearings are installed, which are light, corrosion-resistant, and can absorb impact energy.

Figure 2. iglidur sliding bearings used in the side spoiler hinge of the cab

A spoiler at the tailgate of the van can save at least 5% fuel at high speeds. In order not to hinder the opening and closing of the tailgate, a set of opening and closing link mechanisms is necessary. iglidur self-lubricating plastic bearings can be installed in the hinges of this mechanism. Normally, one car needs about 76 such bearings. The main advantages are maintenance-free, noise-reduction, aging resistance and wear resistance,etc..

Figure 3. tailgate spoiler of Heavy-duty commercial vehicle cargo box

Figure 3. tailgate spoiler of Heavy-duty commercial vehicle cargo box

In 2018, we successfully applied the screw nut product to the pickup’s active adjustable spoiler system in North America. This system is located at the bottom of the front of the car. In order to prevent it from bumping to the ground when driving in the off-road area, the spoiler will be raised and hidden. When driving on a flat road, the spoiler extends downward, reducing the airflow to the bottom of the vehicle, making the vehicle more stable at high speed, and improving fuel economy.

Figure 4. active spoiler in pickup

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