Seat height adjustment – permanently quiet thanks to innovative plain bearing designs

Ethen Liang | June 7, 2022

The innovative assembly concepts of igus plain bearings are particularly popular for hinge connections in, amongst other things the seat height adjustment. The igus clip bearings are easy to handle and increase efficiency. The flange processes and recalibration steps common to metallic plain bearings are eliminated. Further advantages are the weight (up to 5x lighter) and parts price reduction (up to 40%) compared to the metal version.


sustainable automotive

Sustainable vehicle design with iglidur® plain bearings

Ethen Liang | January 19, 2022

Current trends such as zero-emission vehicles or CO2-neutral production demonstrate the growing importance of sustainability in the automotive industry….



Why are polymer ball bearings so interesting for vehicle interiors?

Ethen Liang | August 19, 2021

Developing the interiors of cars is a big challenge for designers and engineers. Within just a few seconds, it creates a first gut feeling. Even before we sit down on the car seat, we reach for the steering wheel. Immediately afterwards, we examine the arm rest and feel the buttons for adjusting the windows…



Online seminar:How to Reduce Vehicle Noise with igus Plain Bearing

Lynna Liu (刘银) | November 30, 2020

This is an online seminar organized by The speakers made a thorough study on noise, noise sources, noise reduction solvement, and related applications such as pedals, steering gear, seats and hinges. The logic is clear and the reference cases are very valuable. The duration is about 24 minutes. Welcome to click and watch!



The First Customer-oriented Online Seminar on Seating Application Was Successfully Held

Lynna Liu (刘银) | November 13, 2020

14 client companies, 46 representatives.In addition to that we have also our own colleagues.As the first online customer-oriented conference, the online seminar size actually exceeded our expectations.


Seminar invitation:3D printing of plastic gears-Faster to series production through online service life calculation

Lynna Liu (刘银) | October 28, 2020

The proportion of electronic and electromechanical components in vehicles has been growing continuously for years. The increased comfort and the growing safety requirements promote this development.


Plastic bearing in diff-lock electronic actuator

Lynna Liu (刘银) | October 9, 2020

Almost all cars are now equipped with differentials. What is its function?The differential of a car is the system that regulates how fast the tires rotate individually and helps you turn left and right. So differentials solve the cornering problem, but they come with a huge disadvantage for off-road driving. Supose that a right wheel […]



Power-step Hinge uses iglidur H2/P210

Lynna Liu (刘银) | September 25, 2020

When refering to modified vehicles, we are now easily thinking about a foldable steps of SUV,especially those with high chassis. In order to help passengers to easily get on and off, installing a set of steps is almost a must. There are 2 types of step for your option:fixed or foldable. Nowadays more and more […]



Keep on trucking! igus presents new IAA utility vehicle products in a live show

Lynna Liu (刘银) | September 18, 2020

igus experts will show how motion plastics can reduce costs and improve technical performance in the automotive area.


A / C旋钮

Vehicle interior – 3 examples of polymer ball bearings in control elements

Lynna Liu (刘银) | September 16, 2020

The modern car interior has many different knobs, dials and switches. Whether it is the adjustment of the window, air conditioning or sound level – we are increasingly resorting to the cleverly placed rotary adjusters in the interior. All these controls are directly related to the quality perception of the vehicle and can influence a […]