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Personal Information Protection Policy

In order to effectively protect Igus Blog users’ privacy and optimize the user experience, Igus has formulated the Personal Information Protection Policy in accordance with the current related regulations and policies. The Personal Information Protection Policy contains the details about the policies and measures adopted by Igus Blog in the acquisition, management and protection of users’ personal information. The Personal Information Protection Policy is applicable to all the services provided to you by Igus Blog, whether you use the services on a computer, a mobile terminal or any other devices.

Collection of Personal Information

You acknowledge and agree that when you sign up for Igus Blog account or use the services provided by Igus Blog, Igus Blog will record the personal information provided by you, such as: name, and cell phone number, etc., and such personal information is served as the basis for you to obtain the services provided by Igus Blog. Meanwhile, for purpose of optimizing the user experience, Igus Blog will be gathering additional information associated with the update of Igus Blog services, for example, when you access to Igus Blog, we might want to know the popularity of certain services, as well as the information on browser software, in order to optimize our services.

Personal information management

In order to provide you with a better service or product, Igus Blog will use your personal information in the following situations provided such use:

1) is required by law or regulations;
2) is authorized by you;
3) complies with Igus Blog’s Terms of Service, and the provisions set forth in the licensing agreement.

In addition, you acknowledge and agree that to the extent permitted by current laws and regulations, Igus Blog may use your non-private personal information for marketing purposes, including but not limited to present or provide you with the advertising and promotional materials on Igus Blog platform, notify you of or recommend Igus Blog service or product information, and/or any other information that might be of interest to you based on your use of Igus Blog service or product. It might also include the options that you select for Information Sharing during the authorization related activities, for example, when you are adding a friend, or adding a dynamic new landmark, or using the Igus Blog Contacts Import tools.

Without your permission, Igus Blog will not disclose your personal information to any third party, except in the following circumstances:

1) Igus Blog has obtained the authorization from you or your guardian;
2) Igus Blog is required to discloser your personal information when required by a lawful authority or regulatory entities to comply with a court order or legal process;
3) Igus Blog has filed a lawsuit or arbitration against customers to safeguard its own legitimate rights and interests;
4) When it complies with Igus Blog’s Terms of Service, and the provisions set forth in the licensing agreement;
5) In other circumstances stipulated in laws.

Personal Information Protection

Igus Blog will use all reasonable efforts to ensure the protection of your personal information obtained by us. To prevent the users’ personal information from accidental and unauthorized access, copy, modification, transfer, loss, destruction, processing or use, Igus Blog has and will continue to take the following measures to protect your personal information:

1) To encrypt users’ personal information using an appropriate method
2) Use password to protect personal information in proper places;
3) Restrict access to personal information to authorized personnel;
4) Other reasonable measures
Despite that the above reasonable and effective measures have been taken, and standards required by the relevant laws and regulations have been complied with, there is no guarantee to secure your personal information when it’s been used in communications over an insecure channel. Therefore, the users should take active measures individually to ensure the security of personal information, such as: change your account password on a regular basis, and do not disclose own personal information, such as the account passwords to others.

You acknowledge that: the personal information protection measures provided by Igus Blog only apply to Igus Blog platform, and once you left Igus Blog, browse or use other websites, services and content resources, Igus Blog will have no ability and obligation to protect your personal information submitted to the websites other than Igus Blog, no matter whether you log in or browse the website is directed by Igus Blog or is due to a link on Igus Blog.

Access to Personal Information

When you have completed the account registration with Igus Blog, you can access or modify the personal information you submitted to Igus Blog. Under normal circumstances, you can browse and modify the information submitted by you at any time, but for security considerations and identification purposes (such as account complaints services), you may not be able to modify some initial registration information and authentication information provided by you in the registration.

Use of cookies and web beacons

Cookies can help a website to identify registered users and calculate the number of users, and it can also be used by websites to determine whether the user who has completed the registration process has logged in. Igus Blog promise that the studies on cookie information is only used for the purposes of enhancing the quality of services/products and optimizing the user experience. At the same time, if you don’t want to store your personal information in a cookie, you can carry out the browser configuration: select “Reject Cookies” or “notify me when the website sends cookies”, however as you know, in light of the fact that Igus Blog provides its services through the support of a cookie, if you’ve turned of a cookies, it may affect your ability to access Igus Blog or fully enjoy the services provided by Igus Blog. When you do not disable a cookie, you may receive the following message: whether the user information should be retained to simplify the registration procedures when next time you enter into this site (such as one- key login).

The purpose and method for Igus Blog to use web beacon is the same as that for a cookie.

Special Protection of Children’s Personal Information

Igus Blog attaches great importance to the protection of children’s personal information. If you are under 18 years of age, before using Igus Blog services, you should ensure to obtain the prior consent of the guardian. If you apply for a registered account on Igus Blog, Igus Blog will presume that you have already obtained the aforementioned consent. Igus Blog will protect children’s personal information in accordance with the requirements of the relevant state laws and regulations and the provisions in this personal information protection policy.

Changes to the Personal Information Protection Policy

Igus Blog reserves the right to change our Personal Information Protection Policy at any time, and once any changes made to the contents of our Personal Information Protection Policy, Igus Blog will be posting the modified Personal Information Protection Policy on Blog website, and by doing this, Igus Blog is considered to have notified you of the content changes. Igus Blog can also use other appropriate methods to notify users whenever there are content changes. If you don’t agree with changes made by Igus Blog to the terms in our Personal Information Protection Policy, you can stop using the Blog services. If you continue to use the Blog services, your use shall be deemed to confirm your acceptance of the changes made by Igus to the related terms of this Policy.

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