dryspin® online screw configurator makes it easy for everyone to become a designer

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 11, 2020

Using drylin® Dryspin online screw configurator, you can quickly complete the design of screw processing without CAD software, and you can directly complete online ordering. Now anyone can design a customized high-performance screw that meets their application needs in the world’s largest online screw store.

The process of finding the screw often consumes a lot of energy from the user, because it requires designing various parameters based on professional knowledge, drawing, communicating details with the manufacturer, comparing prices, and so on. In general, from determining the appropriate parameters to processing the screw, from using the CAD program to design and check the technical rationality to ordering, the entire process takes several hours or even days.

Igus has now developed a unique online screw configurator, users do not need special professional technical knowledge background and CAD drawing skills, users can customize the screw, configure the machining end and obtain directly generated size drawings, download and configure 3D models, drawings, check the price, and order the configured screw.

English interface instruction video

The online configurator only does the steps:

In the first step, the customer determines the type of screw. In addition to classic trapezoidal threads and metric threads, users can also choose dryspin multi-head quick threads. This is igus’ patented thread. It optimizes the side angle of the thread to ensure higher efficiency. After selecting the thread type, the user can further determine the thread direction, material and screw length.

The second step is to configure the machining end. The configurator provides users with the service of setting the configuration from the outside to the inside, and can add more than 12 standard machining processes (such as chamfering, milling the machining surface and circlip groove, etc.) to the machining end. During the configuration process, designers can download the current dimensional drawings at any time. Another service is to display the price of the screw. Users can see the price change during the configuration process. In the third step, the customer receives a complete description of their configuration. Users can easily download the STEP or IGES file format to further design into the device structure, and can save the configuration file as a link for subsequent ordering or sharing with colleagues. In this case, with just one click, you can order this fully configured screw online. The order is automatically transferred to the igus® factory and processing starts within 30 minutes.

Whether it is trapezoidal thread or multi-head fast thread, the combination of screw and iglidur® high-performance engineering plastic nut can ensure the advantages of lubrication-free adjustment, achieve durable and stable operation, and the operating life is more durable. On igus official website, you can also purchase matching engineering plastic nuts in one stop:



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