Plain Bearing


Seat height adjustment – permanently quiet thanks to innovative plain bearing designs

Ethen Liang | June 7, 2022

The innovative assembly concepts of igus plain bearings are particularly popular for hinge connections in, amongst other things the seat height adjustment. The igus clip bearings are easy to handle and increase efficiency. The flange processes and recalibration steps common to metallic plain bearings are eliminated. Further advantages are the weight (up to 5x lighter) and parts price reduction (up to 40%) compared to the metal version.



Why are polymer ball bearings so interesting for vehicle interiors?

Ethen Liang | August 19, 2021

Developing the interiors of cars is a big challenge for designers and engineers. Within just a few seconds, it creates a first gut feeling. Even before we sit down on the car seat, we reach for the steering wheel. Immediately afterwards, we examine the arm rest and feel the buttons for adjusting the windows…



Lubrication-free synchronisation with plain bearing technology

Ahren Xia | February 4, 2021

There are many different possibilities to synchronise several adjustments in one system. But which is the right one for me and my application? Often not easy to answer. But what if it should be simple and uncomplicated?



Severe contamination by salt or sugar … what must be observed?

Ahren Xia | December 23, 2020

Wherever food or beverages are processed, filled or packed, contamination can occur. If it is salt or sugar, it is important to take a close look at the abrasive (rubbing/grinding) wear. In this way it can be determined what influence this has on the plain bearing or linear guide…


Moulding of iglidur® plain bearings

Ethen Liang | December 22, 2020

Innovative developments in the automotive industry require intelligent production methods, especially in the case of component integration. One injection moulding method that has now become established is the so-called hybrid or 2C (two-component) technique…


The right shaft for tough outdoor use – if the plain bearing is outdoors.

Yvan Cao | October 28, 2020

Everyone knows that the agricultural and construction machinery sector require lots of care. Dirt, moisture, corrosion, the complete package. Whether a combine harvester, tractor, concrete mixer, plough or mobile crane – here everything is in the same boat. Metallic plain bearings are always lubricated – at least they should be if they are to function. […]



The right plain bearings for air diffusers & sleepless nights in Shanghai

John Ji | September 18, 2020

… Are you familiar with these air diffusers that bring cool airflow into rooms when outside temperatures are too high? Did you know that they sometimes move in order to distribute and regulate said airflow? In the case of simple air diffusers for air conditioning units, the risk to mankind is limited. But…



What is iglidur? And what does it do better than POM?

John Ji | August 26, 2020

Just recently I stumbled on this blog post, which promised to finally put an end to the mystery that seems to be iglidur®. What is iglidur? And why are customers willing to spend no less than a fortune on bearings made from this material? To make this clear right away: I have no intention to […]


inspection of iglidur

Measuring of standard catalogue bearings

Fred Lu | August 7, 2020

iglidur® bearings are press-fit bearings for bores with a H7 standard bore. On the one hand, this press-fitting fixates the bearings in the housing and on the other, the inner diameter of the bearings is formed by that and finally creates the proper inner tolerance. If you measure the loose bearings as delivered, the inner- […]



5 times smart: igus launches its first catalogue range for intelligent plain bearings

Jen Chen | June 5, 2020

From forklifts to packaging machines: isense plain bearings provide information about their wear and warn in good time before the stoppage of plant or machinery. (Source: igus GmbH)