Active Air Intake Grille

Lynna Liu (刘银) | August 31, 2020

The Xiros self-lubricating plastic ball bearing is adopted for the shutter mechanism of the active air intake grille, which could perfectly meet the requirements of the customers: it features minimum friction coefficient, dirt resistance, resistance to high temperature and low temperature and light weight. For vertical shutter, we also provide iglidur J sliding bearing for low friction coefficient and low cost solution.


The intake grille is mainly used to intake the air for engine combustion, and types of mouths are installed on fuel vehicles. Some of the vehicles in the market are now provided with active air intake grilles, which could control the air intake volume by adjusting the opening angle. What is the purpose of this?

First, upon cold start, the temperature of the engine shall be increased to the optimum working temperature as soon as possible, and it is inappropriate to keep the grille open to intake the cold air. Closing the grille at this time could accelerate the efficiency of engine warming, and accelerate the warm air for the air conditioner in the vehicle.

Second, in case of high-speed cruise condition, the engine runs in low and steady speed, which generates less heat and needs less air cooling. In such a case, the air intake grille will be closed to force intake air to flow along the front and the chassis, so as to reduce the air resistance and improve fuel economy.

Last, the air intake grille will be opened automatically for quick cooling when the engine is under excessively high temperature. When will the engine temperature rise? For example, for long hours of traffic on dirt roads and muddy roads, the radiator is adhered to dirt, the heat dissipation will be weaken, and the coolant will be overheated; then the thermostat cannot work normally and the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet pipe is large; the car running under the high temperature for a long time may cause water temperature alarm.

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Lynna Liu/刘银

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