Spherical bearings for weigher flaps

Ahren Xia | January 25, 2021

igubal spherical bearings are self-aligning bearing elements manufactured completely from polymer and are therefore very lightweight. They are perfect for use in weighing systems.


Individual scales, but also multihead weighers, can be found in various types of packaging machines (such as bag forming, filling and sealing machines). Because the products to be weighed and packaged are often sensitive (food, etc.), the fact the igubal spherical bearings are lubrication-free is an important advantage.

As shown in figure above, the spherical igubal bearing is also available with a double joint. It enables the weigher flap’s pivoting movements.

It can be used in dry operation, has excellent vibration dampening properties, & helps reduce noise level. It is not sensitive to dirt: igubal bearing elements require no seals even in extremely contaminated conditions. This is true for both fine dust and coarse dirt.

It is up to 80% lighter than comparable competitor parts made of steel or stainless steel. igubal spherical bearings have fibre-reinforced polymer housings that are entirely corrosion-resistant. It can be wet cleaned without any problem.

An overview of all igubal spherical bearings (and a great deal more information) can be found at the following link:


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