Time for a dive into cool waters – xiros® in pools cleaner ensures the necessary cleanliness in the pool

Daniel Chen | December 30, 2020

The holiday is shifting into your own four walls. If the temperatures exceed the limit of 30°C, the only thing that helps is to jump into the cool water. Butpool lovers know the problems with a pool in the garden. The autumn and winter months do not go by without leaving their mark. Dirt, leaves and moss accumulate and cleaning turns out to be an arduous task. I need a pool cleaner.

A picture that every pool owner is familiar with.

A remedy is the pool cleaner “Poolwonder Turbo XL”. The xiros radial deep groove ball bearings from igus allow a smooth operation. In addition to being lubrication-free and maintenance-free, they are convincing due to their lightweight feature with long service life and corrosion resistance.

The new pool cleaner “Poolwonder Turbo XL” is, with its 1.4kg a real flyweight and with its suction width of 40cm, very easy to vacuum sand, leaves or dirt from the bottom of the pool. The 30mm diameter cleaner is battery powered and can be easily attached to any telescopic pole with a clip system making cleaning swimming pools up to a size of 50sqm a breeze.

Poolwonder quickly came out in favour of the advantages of xiros® polymer ball bearings due to the special underwater environment. Because they are both corrosion-free and maintenance-free, conventional metal ball bearings have no chance.

Advantage: corrosion-free

The Poolwonder Turbo XL uses a xiros radial deep groove ball bearing made of the xirodur B180 material. There it takes over the guidance of the motor shaft under the propeller and the first shaft seal.

Since all products in the xiros polymer ball bearing product range – including xirodur B180 – are lubrication-free, it is impossible for lubricants to be washed out and the environment to be contaminated. xiros polymer ball bearings are also the right choice for narrow or difficult to reach installation spaces. In the case of Poolwonder, the ball bearing is enclosed between two seals, making relubrication of the bearing difficult. In addition to being lubrication-free, the polymer ball bearings are convincing due to their long service life and corrosion-free feature.

In temperature ranges from -40 to +80°C and with shaft diameters from 3 to 60mm xiros deep groove ball bearings made of xirodur B180 can be used without any problems. In the example of the Poolwonder Turbo XL, the polymer ball bearings have already proven themselves successfully.

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