Linear guides for limited installation space

Ahren Xia | December 29, 2020

igus has many different linear guides in its product range. For example, drylin W offers a large modular system. drylin N is the first choice for extremely low-profile installation heights. drylin T is identical in construction to the usual recirculating ball bearing guides. A representative of the shaft guides is drylin R.

Since some machine assemblies are extremely compact, there is sometimes very little installation space available to implement the linear application in the packaging, food or beverage machine. A good solution is obtained when using JUCM drylin R linear guide bearings.

Typical applications can be found in beverage filling or bottle cleaning machines. However, the compact and cost-effective polymer plain bearings are also suitable for sealing bar guidance in bag forming, filling and sealing machines.

Centering tulip in filling machine for beverages

The drylin JUCM is quick and easy to install by hand. Due to the second flange they are self-locking and no additional locating spigot is necessary.

Manufactured from the material iglidur J, they have very good coefficient of friction and wear and can be used up to a temperature of +90°C in the long term (up to +120°C in the short term). The JUCM liners are available in inner diameters from 12 to 30mm. Further information & the exact dimensions and part numbers can be found under the following link:

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