Coolant and plain bearings – 5 crucial points

Sebastian | April 29, 2020

Coordinated thermal management is essential for the vehicle to be as efficient as possible. Under the optimal operating temperature, the highest efficiency and therefore the lowest consumption and the minimum emissions are achieved. The coolant plays an important role in this, as well as cooling to protect against corrosion and prevent frost. Coolant pumps, controllers and valves distribute the coolant in the vehicle and control it as required. Find out more here.

Bearing Cooling Liquid
A large number of slide and ball bearings are used in the systems mentioned. Often there is direct contact with the coolant, for example with a glycol-water mixture.

The following 5 points are therefore particularly important when choosing a suitable plain bearing:

1. Bearing play between shaft and plain bearing

A material with the lowest possible water absorption is required. In addition, the bearing clearance of the specific application should be calculated to avoid jamming. We are happy to support.

2. Temperature resistance

At speeds beyond 1-2 meters per second, temperatures above 150 ° C are reached. iglidur® H370 is one of the most frequently used materials with a long-term application temperature of + 200 ° C.

3.Storage function during startup

There is no permanent hydrodynamic lubrication during the start, so the friction and wear values are of great importance. iglidur® plain bearings are equipped for these briefly high and unlubricated speeds.

4. Chemical resistance

The size is decisive for a high aging resistance: this is an adhesion promoter, which as a protective coating of the fibers ensures a better connection to the carrier matrix and decisively influences the strength. The matching iglidur® materials offer high chemical resistance and are already used millions of times in water pumps.


Right, costs are not a criterion for contact with coolant. However, since a large number of bearings are used, cost advantages for use in the automotive industry are crucial. igus® plain bearings score here in front of the frequently used ceramic or graphite-carbon bearings. Reduce costs with iglidur® plain bearings – Find out more here.

We would be happy to present further advantages for our plastic plain bearings.

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