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Beside controll lever, can we talk about any other applications with FAW truck transimision egineers?

Lynna Liu (刘银) | June 10, 2020

During the past 20 years, FAW Jiefang and igus have maintained close communication and cooperation. In recent years, Jiefang has mastered the core technology of gearbox through independent R&D. Thanks to its energetic R&D team and open communication environment, we are fortunate to have our iglidur high-performance plastic bearings loaded in batches in its gearbox system. Iglidur’s products are present in many popular models, including the natural gas tractor, J6L, Dragon VH, J7 mentioned in the beginning of the article. Especially, in the gearbox control system, iglidur shows its unique advantages: noise-reducing, durable, self-lubricating and maintenance-free. So, besides the control part, any other applications to recommend?