Where metal ball bearings reach their limits: an opportunity for the polymer version?

Daniel Chen | March 4, 2021

Metal ball bearings have become indispensable in mechanical and plant engineering. However, there are sectors where conventional metal ball bearings reach their limits, such as the food industry and medical technology. There the factor of hygiene plays a major role, whereby lubricants become a no-go. This is where plastic ball bearings come into the limelight, which the Cologne-based motion plastics specialist igus manufactures with the aid of its high-performance polymers. They are absolutely lubrication-free and pose no hygiene risk…



What materials are used to make ball bearing balls?

Daniel Chen | February 26, 2021

The material for rolling bearing ball bearing balls varies widely and is always primarily oriented on the ring materials. This ensures that the interplay of cage, inner ring, and outer ring in the system is harmonised. This is especially important when the application involves heating or cooling the bearings. It is important that ball bearing running properties are always good. The most common ball materials are listed below with relation to the ring material…


Hack the Crisis: igus’ CEO shares lessons

Sebastian | April 23, 2020

Thoughts from Frank Blase, CEO, igus GmbH, as the Cologne, Germany-based company deals with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. “The situation changes daily for us. My planning horizon is 5 minutes.” Two things are crucial: the health of our people, and keeping the plants open. Motion plastics are used in many areas of critical infrastructure: […]