At last! The new 2020 chainflex catalogue is ready!

Jen Chen | October 25, 2021

Every year, we and many customers, await the new chainflex catalogue. We are continuously improving it to provide yet more valuable information for our customers.

The new chainflex catalogue
What’s new? What’s worth knowing?

Besides individual changes in the product pages there are also new approvals. This includes UL verified. We have also included the following additional information:

1. Approvals at home around the world:

Starting on page 986, we go into detail about the different types of approvals in the “cable world”. Interesting if you do international business.

2. New current table helps to reduce costs and increase safety:

From page 974, we have extensively adapted the table of maximum current carrying capacity. In extensive test series we were able to prove that the standard typical current values can only be applied to a limited extent for the use of e-chain cables. More details can be found in the blog.
Interesting if you want to save costs and weight.

3. Good to know:

Do you already know the information about test methods mentioned from page 31 of the catalogue?
Here you will find a quick technical summary of internationally recognised fire, media and movement tests. A good overview for everyone who wants to have a little more understanding when choosing products.

Order your free hard (paper) copy of the chainflex catalogue here today or download the pdf version.

We look forward to your suggestions for improvement.

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